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About us


7th Heaven Guesthouse is located on the hills of the Roodepoort escarpment, overlooking the Helderkruin and Kloof-en-Dal valley.

This unrestricted view provides for a feeling of spaciousness and freedom within a city, and the spectacular sunset views.

You will also be welcomed by the Freckled Nightjar.

A breeding resident. Locally common, occurring throughout the area wherever its preferred habitat of extensive rock outcrop is to be found. Mostly detected at night from its yelping "cow-wow" call. It calls year-round but is most vocal in early summer.


Our promise

To make you feel welcome, make sure you enjoy your stay with us. Friendly Staff, excellent & Prompt Service. Only Quality, no Bookings Fees, Save Money If Booking is made directly by us. All Bookings are Secure, Quick & Easy Payment Options.

Contact details

Rene - 071 272 8464